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Team Manager Responsibility

The following includes information and responsibilities for each team Team Manager. Please review this information carefully and relay all information to your team members!
  • The Team Manager is responsible for checking the team in at the site of the match. Do not check in with the site desk until ALL players are present and ready for play. You will turn in your lineup at the site desk at this time using one of the scorecards in your registration packet. Be sure to fill out your scorecard according to the instructions enclosed in your packet. A fifteen-minute default time will be strictly enforced, as will the point penalty system. Lineups should be submitted 30 minutes prior to the scheduled match time.
  • Once lineups are submitted, they may only be changed in the event of illness, injury or disqualification.
  • Teams may be given 4 courts for a team match.  MXD will always be the 5th match.
  • Team Managers will record scores on the score cards and once the match is completed return cards to the tournament desk.
  • All teams are expected to play all scheduled matches! Any team not complying will be subject to grievance procedures. In accordance with USTA League Tennis Regulations, any team forfeiting an entire team match for ANY REASON will result in all matches of that team previously played or to be played to be declared null and void. If all teams in contention for the Championships have already played the forfeiting team in good faith, the matches stand as played.
  • All matches will observe a 5-minute warm-up, including serves. Play is continuous.


  • Medical conditions include but are not limited to an injury, illness, and heat-related condition or cramping.

  • A medical time-out consists of evaluation time as determined by the referee plus a maximum of three minutes treatment time.
  • Toilet visit. A player may request one or more suspensions of play for a toilet visit. No coaching shall be permitted during the suspension of play for either a medical time-out or a toilet visit.
  • In the event of rain, the Site Director on site will stop play and Team Managers turn their scorecards in to the site desk. Players will not be allowed to leave the site until released by the Site Director on site. If needed, play will continue under lights if necessary, to keep on schedule.


  • Coaching is considered to be communication, advice or instruction of any kind, audible or visible, to a player.
  • A Coach may coach the player(s) when the players change ends at the end of a game, but not during a tie-break game.
  • One person may be designated as the Coach of a team and must be registered with the tournament and identified with a Coach nametag.
  • Coaches should remain outside the fence.
  • Coaching should be a positive reinforcement to your player and not against the opponent. 
  • Any violation of these Coaching policies may result in the suspension of the coaching privileges and point penalties.