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Questions And Answers

Tournament FAQs

What Time Does the tournament Start? When Do You Plan to End It?

Matches will begin approximately at 4:00 PM on Friday, August 11 and plan to conclude mid-afternoon on Sunday, August 13 (weather permitting).

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How Much is the Registration Fee?

The fee is $28 per player. The Team Manager/Coach will register the entire team online in TennisLink—no individual player registrations are required. All players must be paid for at the time of online registration.

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How Soon Can We Get Our Match Schedule?

The tentative schedule will be posted on TennisLink.USTA.com or this website a week before the tournament starts. No schedules will be mailed to Team Managers. At registration, Team Managers will receive a final schedule that will replace the tentative one.

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How Do I Look Up Information About The Championships In Tennislink?

The steps are:
  1. Go to TennisLink.USTA.com.
  2. Under Level, change the dropdown from National to Section.
  3. Then, change the Section dropdown from Caribbean to Southern.
  4. The list of flights will come up automatically and you can click on the flight you are interested in.

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Why Do I Have To Attend The Coach/Team Managers’ Conference Calls?

At the Team Managers’ conference call, we go over all the specific rules that apply for the tournament and provide an opportunity to ask questions. The Team Managers’ conference call is the only way we can ensure you are informed of changes or special situations you need to know about in order to make your tournament as smooth as possible. The Team Manager may send a representative to this conference call.

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Is Coaching Allowed?

Coaching is allowed by designated coaches during changeovers but not after the first game or during a tiebreak game.

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What Is The Rule On Adding A Player To Our Team?

Should a team drop below the team minimum of six players (3 boys and 3 girls), then one boy OR one girl may be added to the championship advancing team, provided the player meets local play history requirements and comes from the same local play program and local play season. Players may not be added if team minimum is met. All additions must be made by August 5, 2016 unless approved by the tournament committee.

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What Is Local Play History?

A player is eligible to progress to championship level competition if that player has played in at least two team matches during its local team tennis season and has the results of said three matches recorded in the TennisLink.USTA.com system. A retired match shall count toward advancing for all players involved. Playing singles and doubles in one team match counts a one playing time.

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